Black Artists on San Francisco's Black Exodus

We came across this beautiful piece today about an art collective, made up of Black artists and art professionals, in San Francisco working to counter the diminishing number of Black voices in their city.

Responding to their city's Black exodus, they address themes such as the African-American history of displacement and their search for home and roots. Bringing more voices to forefront of the discussion on gentrification is essential, said one collective member:

"My hope is that there are many more stories that are being told....even within the African-American community, I'd like to hear a thousand stories about our experience, rather than just one."

San Francisco seems to be the poster child for tech-boom gentrification, with many long-time residents being pushed out, and with them, their contributions to the richness of the city. Seattle may not be too far behind. 

What lessons can Seattle learn from San FranciscoHow do we define progress? Is there room to expand our definition of progress beyond the mere material? 

There's got to be.